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Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 Ashampoo Photo Commander 17
Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 ofrece más de 200 funciones para tus fotos en un solo software Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 es la solución completa para ver, editar y organizar tus fotos. Pon orden en tu colección, optimiza tantas fotos...
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Ashampoo® Photo Commander 16 The all-rounder for viewing, editing and organizing...más

Información del producto "Ashampoo Photo Commander 16"

The all-rounder for viewing, editing and organizing your photos

The all-round service for your photos

Screenshot photo commandermulti talent

The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 is the complete solution for viewing, editing and organising photos. Bring new order to your collection, optimize as many pictures as you like at the same time or create calendars, cards and entire slide shows in no time at all. With just a few clicks, beginners, amateur photographers and even professionals can quickly get started.


Automatically enhance images

Screenshot photo commander photo optimizer

With auto-correction, even unsuccessful snapshots become valuable holiday memories. Remove scratches, digital noise or red eyes in no time at all! Automatic functions take a lot of work off your hands and with the variable batch processing you can embellish as many pictures as you like at the same time.


create collages, calendars and cards

Screenshot photo commander slideshows card calendars

Easily create a card with numerous templates or create an individual calendar with attention to detail. Even impressive collages are quick and easy! Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 offers a wealth of possibilities to turn your ideas into reality!


Create slideshows


With Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 you can also create slideshows in high resolution 4K! New transition effects offer you even more beautiful and variable picture changes and more supported music formats provide even more versatile background music. The finished slideshows can then be viewed with the new video playbar including real-time image preview.


Effective presentation of images

Screenshot photo commander present

Whether you want to enjoy your pictures yourself or show them to friends or colleagues, the new presentation mode is simply ingenious. Control from one monitor what is shown on the other! Tailor-made also for beamers, you can react "live" and also change without leaving the presentation!


Set, use and edit geotags

Screenshot photo commander geo tagging

Modern cameras and mobile phones use geotags to record where a photo was taken. Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 can sort by these geotags, edit them or even re-set them. The program then recognizes countries, places, even streets! Simply display on a map where your holiday photo was taken!


Crop and edit photos


Easily crop images, straighten the horizon, or add color accents. Easily crop people or objects, or change the perspective of a photo. Experiment with great effects or discover the professional range with gradation curves and tonal corrections!


With modern, "learning" interface

Screenshot photo commander interface

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 not only looks modern, but also adapts individually to your way of working. If you use functions frequently, they are only a click away in . This guarantees you will reach your goal faster! And for those who like it classic: You can of course choose between the new and classic view.


Creating order in the photo collection


Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 provides even more overview. The new search function allows you to combine e.g. location and time search, so you can find every photo at once! With a completely flexible group view you can select files in a flash and the new status bar shows possible EXIF values immediately. Even long-time photographers have been thought of, the new decade view offers a completely new view of your collection.


Create and save images


Let your creativity run wild with Ashampoo Photo Commander 16! The newly developed Panorama function easily creates breathtaking photos in an impressive widescreen format. A special automatic takes care of bright or faded images and turns them into surprisingly beautiful photos. And numerous new motifs make it child's play to create always matching cards.


Set trends with PNG


The PNG image format is already one of the most popular formats on the Internet, PNG animations are an interesting, space-saving alternative to GIF animations. With Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 you can radically reduce the size of PNG files and thus save space and data volume in the mobile sector. PNG-animations can also be created in no time at all and can be converted or extracted on demand.


Fulfilled customer wishes


We've listened to you. Metadata such as EXIF or IPTC are displayed in the status bar and can now be exported and edited. The popular search for duplicate files has been greatly accelerated. Multiple pages can be scanned in one pass and, if desired, converted to multi-page PDF. And the important zoom function is faster than ever, even with large images.

Screenshot photo commander user


More than 200 functions for your photos in one program


The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 convinces right from the start! The modern interface quickly gets to know your favourite functions and gives you direct access to them. Your pictures now shine in full 4K resolution during slide shows and the new panorama function is simply perfect. Look forward to a better overview with the decade overview, new search methods and the ingenious file selection. Use the current map templates or the new transition effects for your videos. Make more out of your pictures!




Create, present and share  
Perfect panorama function for widescreen images
Slideshows in bombastic resolutions up to 4K
Flexible calendar with free division of start and end months
More music formats and effects for slideshows
Converts GPS information from JPG and RAW into concrete locations
Simply add geo-tags for individual images
Sort by country, city and street
Search for the recording locations via Google Maps, Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap
Control on one monitor, present on the other
Enhanced Ken Burns effect for portrait and landscape
Picture by picture animations without annoying gaps
Extracting PDF and MP4 files
Accelerated creation of maps, frames and vignettes
Photo cards with 3D effect
Creation of maps with image collages
Photo albums for the Internet with many styles and options
photo mix of any number of images
Photo mix with image effects
Optimized creation of GIF animations
Easier creation of cards with many templates
Support of browser-based e-mail clients (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Mail.ru)
New, predefined print styles
Easy upload to Ashampoo Webspace
Completely redesigned slide show wizard
Frame center: Design and print greeting cards
Improved print function for multiple copies of an image on one page
Export images as PDFs
Create HTML Album
Create a slide show (with music)
Create a photo collage
Frame images
Create a photo mix
Creating a TIFF file from multiple images
Burn photos to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc
Send photos by e-mail
Manage and Organize  
New search combinations for fast finding even in large collections
Long term overview: Grouping files into decades
Clear status bar with display of EXIF data
New, flexible group view with easy file selection
Faster search for duplicate images
Clearer batch processing with storable options
New overview through Picture Flow (previous and next image visible in a reduced size)
Support of XMP meta data
Easier selection of any number of files in the overview
Improved overview through grouping by file size
Save as Adobe© Photoshop document (*.psd)
Full support of the WEBP format
Different views on the overview page (e.g. thumbnails, film strips etc.)
Full support of the Adobe© XMP format
Grouping function for filtering according to certain criteria (e.g. only .jpg files)
Integrated playback function for video and audio files
Creation of virtual photo albums
Tag photos, i.e. assign a specific term to them
Different overview modes for the photo collection (file explorer, albums or calendar)
Batch processing, e.g. convert several images into another format or re-date them
Full-screen display of photos and videos
Rotating video during playback
Scanning and importing  
Scanning of several pages in one pass (ADF Scanning)
Create multi-page PDF in one scan
Completely new scan dialog
Import of photos via Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive
Intelligent Photo Importer
Improved RAW format support
Support of the 3D image formats MPO and JPS
Import of pictures and videos from digital cameras
Improved format support with color profiles for JPG
Support for Google WebP format
Automatically sort photos into subfolders based on date of creation (EXIF data)
Scanning photos
Edit and optimize  
Automatic rescue for too bright, faded photos
PNG Optimizer: radically shrink files and save bandwidth
PNG animations: Create the successor of GIFs easily
Convenient release of persons and objects
Cutting and copying several objects at once
Change the perspective of a photo at will
Combining perspective and mirror effects
Editing bitmap objects
Add MP3 songs to slideshows
Color Accent Effect
Effect Center - real-time preview and adjustment of image effects
Tilt-Shift effect tool
Effect Brush - Paint image effects directly into the image
Reconversion of 3D images into 2D images
InPaint Tool - Remove annoying image objects such as scratches and holes
Repair pin
1-Click Optimization - Automatic Image Enhancement
Image adjustment with gradation curve adjustments and histogram
Focus Effect Tool
Automatic Dual View mode: comparison between original and edited photo
Insert text, shapes, line, image or graphic into a photo on an object basis
Batch processing, e.g. applying an effect to several images, rotating or converting
Adjust contrast, brightness, hue, color temperature, gamma
Resize, crop images, rotate or straighten photos
Red eye removal: automatic and manual
Miniature effect for creating photo thumbnails
Clone areas
Straighten Horizon
Completely new surface in modern App-Look
"Learning" menu with quick access to your favourite functions
Clear status bar with display of EXIF data
Easily export and edit metadata
Modern video playbar with real-time image preview like Youtube
New thumbnail bar in the viewer
Automatic import of the previous settings
Optimized hardware acceleration
Automatic photo backup function saves work steps with each over saving
Easy image navigation with modern mini map
Reduced memory consumption
"Skins" for customizing the user interface
Faster program start
Accelerated Photo Browser
Import and export program settings
Touch screen support for Windows® 7, 8 & 10


Thanks to our translators

DutchDutch (Guy Raedersdorf)
FrenchFrench (Guy Raedersdorf)
HungarianHungarian (László Koncz)
RussianRussian (Сергей Царёв)
PolishPolish (Jacek Milecki)
ItalianItalian (Severino Grandi)
NorwegianNorwegian (Ulf Aasen )
PortuguesePortuguese (Manuela Silva)
SpanishSpanish (Miguel Blasco)
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ChineseTraditionalChineseTraditional (Alan)
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GreekGreek (Aldi Duzha)
RomanianRomanian (Andrei Grigorcea)
SlovakianSlovakian (Milan Slovák)
SerbianSerbian (Ilija Komljenović)
Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Argentina) (Angel De Giorgi)
Norwegian NynorskNorwegian Nynorsk (Olai Otterå)


System requirements

operating system:

Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7


Any computer that supports the operating systems listed above.

graphics card:

  • 1280x1024 - 100%
  • 1600x1200 - 150%
  • 2048x1536 - 200%
  • 2560x2048 - 250%


Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable


An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked at regular intervals.


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